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I feel I need to write this post to justify the emptiness on this site. If all goes well, I should be able to delete it in a few months.

I’ve had a blog for over ten years. It all began in the year I moved to Barcelona for my dissertation research. I wanted a way to keep in touch with family and friends and post about our adventures in our new home. Originally called Our Great European Adventure, I didn’t really expect anyone else to read other than the people I knew. But 2006-2007 was a great age for blogging and soon enough I had caught the blogosphere bug and posted nearly daily and read many other blogs. When I came back to Canada, I decided to make the plunge and get my own host and more my blogs from to using The one blog became three blogs: a food blog dedicated to sharing recipes and my thoughts on food and food politics, a general personal blog, and my official academic home page (this site). Over time, the blogs slowed down but I kept updating them once in a while. Two years ago they all came down because of a malware attack. After a lot of back and forth with the company that hosts my sites, we finally were able to get it all cleaned up and back online. I added extra security. I updated everything that needed updating. Last year, I couldn’t access my sites and when I called tech support, I discovered my files were corrupted. Tech support tried to install a backup. Those files were also corrupted. We dug up an older backup. Same thing. Ten years of blogging, at least four active sites, were gone. I feel like someone whose house burned down. We have all survived, but all those personal items, memories, are now gone. It took me many months to decide to blog again. Hopefully, this will work better. I’ll export my posts to my computer at least once a month.